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Medlab Diagnostic laboratory serve testing, information and services that enable physicians and other healthcare professionals to make decisions to improve health. Our Laboratory is a grade 1 category laboratory covering local insurance schemes as well as government insurance called “Aasandha”.
We have started providing Drug of Abuse testing services to Maldives Police Services. We also provide hygiene tests services to many resorts in the country.

Laboratory Service General Trading

Medlab Diagnostics Laboratory

Medlab Diagnostics Laboratory operated at M. SHE Building Ground Floor is our main Clinical Laboratory with Aasandha service we have also been registered at Allied insurance and very soon we would be providing insurance from our lab service. Medlab Diagnostics is also the only private laboratory authorized by the Ministry of Health for the Drugs of Abuse. The service we provide from Medlab Diagnostics are;

Employment related and occupational health clinical testing
Referral testing to other hospitals and regional health centers
Site sample collection services
General testing services
Testing of drug abuse services for forensic

Test Menu

Hb / PCV
Total RBC Count
Peritoneal Fluid
Platelet Count (PLT)
Osmotic Fragility
Reticulocyte count
Blood picture (includes complete Heamogram )
Complete Haemogram
Sickling Test
Serum Iron
Serum TIBC
Serum Ferrittin
G6PD (Qualitative)
G6PD (Quantitative)
Blood Grouping & Rh Typing
Direct Coomb Test
Indirect Coomb Test
Bone Maroow studies
LE Cells
Nasal Smear For Eosinophils
Bleeding Time
Whole Blood Clotting Time
Prothrombin Time / NR
Thrombin Time
Coagulogram (BT/CT,PT,APPTT,TT)

Medlab General Trading

Medlab Diagnostics is one of the leading suppliers for Medical supplies for Hospitals/Clinics and government project/Bids
From 2010 since Med Lab started we are in to supply of consumables, pharmaceuticals, surgical products.

Medlab Diagnostics Pvt Ltd

H. Millennia Building, level 3, Ameerahmed Magu
Male, Rep of Maldives

+960 3010878

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